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"Lori. BTW, this many years later I STILL love everything we did. That’s saying a lot for how long ago we remodeled. I know material choices have changed but our home still looks great."

"Hi Lori,
Congratulations on your 2018 NKBA Design Award; the design looks stunning in the photos."

"Hi Lori,
Thank you so much for making my home so lovely.  I am still in awe of what you and Elle did with the décor.  I now love my "least favorite" pictures!  And the furniture rearrangement is amazing.  Also very grateful you fit in the master bath.  I'm just so pleased with everything and really can't thank you enough"

"Hi Lori,
Congratulations 2016 Best Kitchen! What a gorgeous kitchen! Our next home, YOU are our designer! Stunning! Stunning!
And congrats to 1st & 3rd in power room! You are amazing at designing! Well-deserved recognition!"

"I love working with Lori and her staff because their thorough process of making a space inviting, comfortable and gorgeous is both professional and fun. They have worked on several very different projects for me, and each one had a very unique style. I wanted a “Hollywood glamour” look for one project, and they nailed it. Another space called for a more contemporary look which was equally as beautiful. They make sure that I am love the end product and have always met my budget and schedule. If you want your friends to "ooh and aah" over your home or office, hire Lori Carroll and Associates!"

"Hi Lori and Kevin,
We are continuing to enjoy this time together and I must say that there isn't a day that goes by that we don't look around, marvel at this house, remark how beautiful it is and feel how blessed we are to be in our home. We appreciate all you did to make this dream come true. Our kindest regards."

"Lori Carroll is the consummate professional! She is organized, prompt, respected by the construction community, amazingly talented, and energetic. Every aspect of her organization reflects her extraordinary artistic skills and management abilities. During the construction of our home, she provided the constancy and wisdom that kept us calm, while the project moved forward. Lori is a superb listener who always understood our concerns, our budget, our style needs and our vision. She looks at design issues in a broad way, but never forgets even one small detail. In addition, Lori is surrounded by an amazingly talented and dedicated staff. We cannot recommend Lori and her staff more highly!"

"I have worked with Lori Carroll and Associates for more than 21 years as one of their tile & stone suppliers. We have seen a lot of changes in the building industry as well as the economy during that time. Through it all Lori and her staff have always maintained a professional attitude and their goal is always the same, great customer service and unique design aesthetics. If you are interested in creating the home or office of your dreams Lori Carroll and Associates is the team to get the job done. Not only will you get a beautiful space but the whole process will be fun and flawless."

"Lori and her team translated a dream into a spectacular home. Lori's experience and expertise, along with the depth of her team ensures consistency of design throughout; access to the best products, craftsmen, and custom finishes; and ability to resolve any issue that inevitably will arise. Having Lori and our builder involved during architectural design phase provided us with a dream team! Lori's attention to detail, creativity and follow-through are unmatched."

"Hi Lori,
If I haven't said it enough already - we LOVE our house!!! every inch!"

"Hi Lori,
Congratulations on the multiple awards you recently earned! You really contribute an immense amount to the overall finish of any project that you are a part of."

Shooting your work has been so cool lately, I just love the overlays of texture and line, it's like seeing all these years of your work come together with such a sureness of design, like your focus has honed in, refined itself. I'm not expressing it very well, but I feel it when I'm shooting, standing in those beautiful spaces you create and seeing how the space weaves itself together. Thank you for making them, and for giving me the opportunity to photograph them"
with Love, Bill

"Hi Lori,
The living room is gorgeous!
Thank you so very much for your great design eye.  Who knew what pillows could do?  Love the media cabinet.  And thanks so much for keeping the costs down."

"Hi Lori,
I was online searching houzz.com for ideas and ran across your name! I just wanted to send you a quick note to say how I admire your work. I often find myself on your website looking at projects you have done and thoroughly enjoy browsing!
Congrats on your talents & such a successful career Lori!"

"Lori – (and friends),
You guys are, and continue to be the best! Thanks for your caring, and wonderful work on our home!
All the best"

The house looks wonderful! Very new and modern, and the neighbors have commented how nice it looks! We used two colors, exactly as you had suggested. The second color went on the garage door and arch, recessed wall, AND ALL the walls along the stairs as well as the front wall, just as you had suggested. It never would have looked so attractive without you. Many, many thanks. Please email us your invoice. Many cheers"

"Hey, Lori! We arrived late yesterday and went over to the house to check it out, of course. They have the tile work done in the showers of GB#1, office bath, and GB#2. They look amazing. I can now begin to visualize everything. OMG!"

"Hi Lori,
I just wanted to take a moment to share a conversation I had with a builder in CA who is bidding on a residence. He called me yesterday to ask questions regarding the owner material selections. As we spoke he asked if there were any changes to the quote or selections. I asked if he had received spec. sheets and drawings from your office and if he had then those specifications and drawings should have everything he needed. He then went on to tell me that he had never seen such thorough and comprehensive spec. sheets and drawings in his entire career as a builder. He said he was sure you were not inexpensive but you obviously were well worth the cost. He added that he had worked with a number of very expensive Designers in the past but had never seen anything from them like your details. Just thought you would like to know that you and your amazing staff are very much appreciated even if you don’t hear it very often! " 

"The past year will always be memorable for many reasons – a new home, a new granddaughter, and the wonderful ride we took with you and your colleagues as we made our new house a home. We absolutely love the final product. We have waited our entire married lives to be able to create such an environment, and the year-plus was well worth the wait. Elle was amazing, bending over backwards to accommodate and please us.!

Thanks to you , Lori, and once again to your colleagues for your keen sense of artistry and for your passion. You stretched our imagination and took us to a different place. Also, congratulations again on your 30 years in interior design." 

"Working with Lori has been an amazing adventure! Her creativity, problem solving ability, and experience make her the ultimate designer. She made our home a unique environment that is a reflection of our personality. The journey with Lori has been a pleasure and the outcome is extraordinary. Lori really has made a huge difference in our house becoming our HOME!" 

"The house painting is complete and it looks great!! We chose your original 3 colors. The best spent hour possible. Thanks again!" 

"Yesterday, the rug company came to install the padding for the rugs.  When they lifted the pot in the dinning room, they discovered the plan was leaking and probably causing damage to the rug.  All of this was told to me by my housekeeper because I was not there.  I had a very busy day yesterday, so it was several hours before I called Elle to see about fixing this.  By the time I called her, she already knew the entire situation, called Gary, made the arrangements to have all the pots checked for the required 4 inch inserts and fixed.  She told me what the rug people were doing to fix the rug to prevent further damage.  In short, she was proactive, had everything under control and a solution for everything. I am emailing you to let you know how impressed I am with your Class A service after the sale.  It's nice to receive that type of treatment in little ol' Tucson!" 

"Now that my kids are back in school, I can write you this long-overdue thank you for the work you did for us in Tucson. We are so proud of our new Powder Room! We appreciate the quality of the work on both that and the window treatments throughout our home. Thanks to you and your team for your help and good cheer in obtaining special-order rugs and buffet server. We now can look forward to a comfortable stay each time we visit. It is still possible we may build at Pima Canyon in the future. If so, you will hear from the Tull's again!"

"We are so pleased with all of the furniture that has arrived at our Wilson house. It is starting to feel like a home. The pieces of decor you helped me select are turning the house into a joyful home nestled among the fir and pine trees of Wyoming. I keep pinching myself that we actually have a house in the Tetons!! And, you have helped to make it a very "happy" abode."

"Believe it or not, we moved into our wonderful new home exactly 10 years ago today. And we love every inch of it!!! It has been such a pleasure living in this house, entertaining in it, and hosting family and friends from afar. You all would have no problem recognizing the house from the outside or inside as we have changed nothing! So, thank you again - what a team!! We wish you and your families and very Merry Christmas and a Happy & Healthy New Year."

"We enjoyed reading your annual newsletter – congratulations on your many successes – you and your team totally deserve the recognition. Just thought I would let you know – we went for the Graham Cracker paint on the walls after all. It came out beautiful. We had hesitations on this paint color because it is so hard to tell from a color sample on the wall what the true color of the paint will look like after you paint the whole room. I told Mike – let's go for Lori's original recommendation as we had never tried something that dark! It wasn't dark at all once it was painted on all the walls and ceiling – we love the Graham Cracker color – it is a warm color and brings out the wood around the windows, door frames and cabinets.
Thanks again for all your help"

"We are so grateful for your guidance on our project. It has been invaluable. Guillermo has been a joy to work with as well. All the best to you!"

"Just in case you haven't seen these pics, wanted to send them. We are so delighted with the outcome of the project. It is so beautiful and we can't wait to see it in person. Thank you for everything.We are moving closer to selling our house here in NY...been a real challenge but we hope to be in contract soon. Won't be the first time we got this far so we can't exhale until the contract is signed. At this point we are hoping to be settled in Saddlebrook by beginning of October. We'll keep in touch."

"We wanted to take a moment to say a big Thank You! We have been saying so many times how happy we have been with all your recommendations but we don't know if we actually took the time to let you know. After much awaiting, the kitchen is finally coming together and as each component got added we kept marveling at every material you chose – you have amazing taste. The living room TV wall/fireplace is also finished. We will send pictures as soon as the main floor is a bit more "put together.
You're the best! Cheers"

"Thank you does not express how grateful we are with the house. We continue to find ourselves walking through it just admiring all you have done."

"We have thoroughly enjoyed your entire crew. It speaks well for you to have such personable and adept people to work with. The only disappointment we have is that we won't see you so much. Please stop over once in a while."

"Your design knowledge and natural on-camera talent helped us make our vision a reality. We couldn't have done it without you."

"The house is "drop-dead" gorgeous. You can take great pride!"

"Thank you for your professional persistence. We love our entire house of furniture. You are very good at what you do."

"Our house is pulling together beautifully. Thank you so much for your wonderful advise and input."

"The homes created by Lori Carroll are elegant, innovative, and at the same time eminently livable."

"Each project has a totally different look - from our executive housing to our dining room, Lori has given us an interesting and fresh approach. I know when Lori is on a project, I need not worry. She will complete the project on time and always within or under budget."

"The energy, creativity and hard work that was placed in my new home is evident throughout. It's a beautiful place for me to be - I'm very grateful!"

"Your willingness to listen and respect our tastes and wishes so that our home was truly ours and...your creativity...your professional work ethic, which made sure everything was complete - down to the very last detail...your competency which allowed us to be worry-free back in New Jersey...your amazing team of extremely helpful, kind and professional associates that brought this project to fruition along with your leadership makes for a most wonderful package."

" . . . I just wanted to congratulate you on a beautiful job you did at the "Casa Roca" house on the Street of Dreams! . . . WOW! Your color scheme was just exquisite! Another fine job to add to your portfolio!"

"Dear Lori, We love our entire house of furniture. You are very good at what you do. Looking forward to working with you in 2002. Thanks again."

"Dear Lori, Over 1000 guests visited our "home" and marveled at your talent and creativity. Thank you for sharing that talent with us."

"Dear Lori, One decision down and about a million to go! Just a note to say "thank you" and to let you know how much we appreciate the fact that you will be guiding us throughout this incredible journey."

"We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all of you who helped and worked so hard to make our house a very pleasant place to live. May you always be blessed with health and good fortune. It takes a very special person to get involved in community services and you are the one that has made a difference in our lives."

"Thanks for my beautiful living room!"
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